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Animesh Jha
Animesh Jha
Lead Unity Developer (Gameplay, Technical Art)
Edmonton, Canada


A Creative (half engineer, half artist); Love: Games, Computer graphics, Design, Technology and Art.
My work and career is a derivative of the above five areas.

● Leadership Experience: 1.5 years (3+ member team)
● Software Development/Engg. : 8+ years
● Game Development: 7+ years
● FrontEnd, User Interface / Usability (UI/UX): 6+ years
● Re-factoring/Upgrading tech/code: 5+ years
● Shader Technical Art/ Tools: 4+ years
● Web Development: <1 year
● (Hobbies) Concept Art / CGI & Photography: 13+ years
● Experience working with three startups, two midsize and one corporate (public sector) company.

Core Skills:
■ Programming: C#, C++, C , x86 Assembly
■ Game Engines: Unity Engine (6+ Years) , Unreal 4, Cryengine, Uni-engine
■ Scripting: Javascript (ECMAScript), Shaders (Unity Surface Shaders), Python.PyMel, HTML5, CSS3
■ IDE/SDK: Visual Studio, Adobe (Edge) Animate CC (HTML5 + Canvas), nVidia Gameworks

Technical Art:
■ 3D: 3Ds Max, Maya, MudBox
■ 2D Art: Photoshop (13+ yrs): Adobe Creative Suite (CC), Corel Painter, Sketchbook.
■ VFX: Houdini, Maya nDynamics, 3ds Max Reactor/FumeFX
■ Renderer: Keyshot, Arnold, Octane, mentalRay

Interests and Passions:
CG Lighting & Rendering, Shader R&D, Concept Art, Industrial Design, Look Development, Photo-realistic Rendering.


UnrealC#Unity3DShadersProject ManagementVisual DevelopmentUser Interface DesignUnity

Software proficiency

Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine
3ds Max
3ds Max
Visual Studio
Visual Studio


  • Littlebigplanet cart racing 1992041
    • Video Game
      Little big planet karting
    • Year
    • Role
      Technical Artist
    • Company
      United Front Games


  • Lead Unity Developer, (Multimedia and Educational Simulations) at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
    Edmonton, Canada
    January 2016 - Present

    Handled development of 22+ individual educational products (apps & media) in a span of 3 years, serving NAIT staff and students.

  • Technical Artist at United Front Games
    Vancouver, Canada
    November 2011 - January 2012

    Made shaders and tools development for Little Big Planet karting.